Dec 24, 2012
by cantbecool at 01:25AM

I woke up this morning noticing a sharp briskness in the air. The fire must have gone out a few hours prior to daybreak. It briskness made it very difficult getting from underneath my warm electric blanket. I sat up, rubbed my eyes for a bit, walked over to my blackbook and lifted its lid. I typed in yahoo and my address bar’s auto complete finished the rest. It went straight to the Greenway Fantasy Football League’s page.

This is week 16 in the NFL and this was the final game of the season: the championship game. I miraculously made it to Greenway’s league finals earlier in the week by squeaking by my previous opponent by 5 tenths of a point on Monday night Football. (Thank you Jake Locker!) But today was different. Today was for all the marbles. Today was for $800. (Which was 83% of the league’s monetary pool.)

I checked all my starters statuses. “A lot of probables and one questionable. Not too bad,” I said to myself. I just need some steady performances and I … (continued)

Dec 11, 2012
by cantbecool at 08:17PM

Now that I’m older, and I see people purchasing new electronics or big-ticket items prior to Christmas, it just seems out of place to me. When I was younger, I would only receive electronics (video games/computer upgrades) on Christmas or my birthday, like clockwork. Getting something that I wanted was a HUGE deal back then. As a child, you never truly appreciated the clothes you received at Christmas, e.g., jeans, socks, and underwear, but now as an adult, you’d be more than happy to receive those things because your appearance counts in the adult world and new socks are just so comfortable. As an adult you are respected more the better you are dressed. Since I didn’t have any disposable income at the time, when I asked for a big ticket item (mostly electronics), I had to make it count. It was going to have to keep me occupied at least a year. But now, as an adult it’s remarkable how if I really want something, I could simply just go out and purchase it. Christmas hasn … (continued)

Dec 05, 2012
by cantbecool at 09:07PM

The war on piracy is fruitless and simply a waste of time: Police confiscate 9-Year-Old Winnie the Pooh Laptop . I love how law makers and politicians always stand on the shoulders of lobbyists, RIAA (Recording Industry of America) and the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), pontificating about how piracy is stealing and it affects thousands of people in the entertainment and software industries each year. I’m looking at you Mr.Biden and your buddy now CEO of the MPAA Chris Dodd The former 30-year senator of Connecticut. Yeah, it sure does. Piracy affects the executives getting another cool couple million each year while the artists or developers essentially get paid peanuts for the additional copies sold. However this post … (continued)

Nov 29, 2012
by cantbecool at 08:56PM

During my nightly ritual of reading the latest submissions on a few forums I stumbled upon Google’s Driver-Less Car and Morals. I’ve always been a vocal proponent for the automation of things that are dangerous, i.e., driving. It’s scary to admit, but I haven’t met a person who hasn’t directly or indirectly been negatively affected by an auto accident. Driving it self symbolizes freedom in our society, and it’s no stretch of the imagination that a few people would be put off even thinking about computer would be making life or death decisions and limiting that freedom. The interesting thing is that Google mobiles have traveled over 300,000 thousand miles the past few years in California and Navada, (the two states that they are legally allowed to drive in thanks to millions of dollars spent in lobbying) and the special Priuses have only been in two accidents, which were not even … (continued)

Nov 24, 2012
by cantbecool at 09:35PM

I mean it is the season of giving and being thankful for the people around you, right? And not act like scrooge or a straight up jerk to someone who is simply trying to help you. I’m not even done my once a week shift (thank God!) yet at FedUp, and I’ve already had six customers that were disrespectful to me and my co-worker.

I guess I have a social disconnect with most of the population out there, since I must not know how to properly articulate it to some people that we have projects in our queue by customers that came in earlier in the week that take precedence over their ‘I want it now, since I’m paying mentality.’ I mean, doesn’t everyone universally know the concept of first come first serve, and that to get nice, you have to be nice first? Come on, we’re even playing Christmas tunes in the store, is it not supposed to make everyone happy and filled with glee? I’m only here for another hour and half, hallelujah!

I can not wait to get out of dodge … (continued)