Mar 29, 2014
by cantbecool at 02:49AM

Who knew $20 would make such a profound impact. I had to make a post after seeing a late night rerun of the CBS evening news. I haven’t seen something as touching as this in a long time.

Mar 27, 2014
by cantbecool at 12:20AM

Perseverance always trumps talent. I’m always inspired by quotes (without context and some nice photogenic background) I stumble upon the internet and have to do detective work to find the source. One that recently stuck out at me was “If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all.” – Michelangelo

I completely understand what he is saying. People only evaluate the end result and not the hard work and perseverance needed to reach that goal. The majority of people I know are only concerned with shortsighted goals. I mean how many times have you heard someone say, “How many pounds do you think I could lose in a week?” or “What’s going to be the return on investment in the fiscal quarter?” (I know 90 days, that’s nothing for a company) It’s never how can I be healthier, or how can our organization make a difference in the long term, not just so our financials look nice on a spreadsheet to our board of directors.

Once people u … (continued)

Mar 24, 2014
by cantbecool at 02:38AM

Social media is destroying today’s youth. The ‘like’ mentality makes it simple to associate yourself with things you don’t need, don’t understand, and honestly don’t give a shit about. To support a cause by simply clicking a button, i.e., by not participating, is just as empty as proclaiming to the world that you’re a vegetarian, when nobody cares about your opinion.

People like certain brands simply due to their name and reputation (North Face, Coach, Louis Vuitton); thinking that if they show the world that they ‘like’ this, that they have sophisticated tastes and will obtain higher social status or acceptance from the group they are in, or trying to become apart of, but in reality, you’re turning yourself into a sheep. Without proper debates or discourses about trending topics people are becoming a mere category an advertiser judges you by. Seriously, can you truly tell the difference between Nike, Underarmor, Reebok, or Adias apparel? I can’t or maybe I don’t hav … (continued)

Mar 18, 2014
by cantbecool at 11:47PM

Money can not buy you happiness.

Mar 12, 2014
by cantbecool at 12:53AM

I’ve been working on a lot more lately, but it’s been a slow, but steady, upward battle. I have plenty of ideas to implement and code to refactor, but I realized in my mind that it will never be complete. There will always functionality that I would want to add. It’s crazy how I look back at some of the initial code I wrote for it, and just cringe. I guess that’s when you know you’ve made progress, when you can look back at something you wrote and instantly improve upon it with little effort. Expecting a big push of code by Thursday night after the 9-5. As I remember my old clock on my TV stand back in high school had etched on it, “Continuous improvement is time well spent.”