Feb 23, 2015
by cantbecool at 02:59AM

I’ve spent 15 minutes looking at fitness motivational posters and videos on a popular social networking site, and it’s safe to say all this fitness motivation and drama is all smoke and mirrors. The illusion is made by thinking it is possible with hard work to achieve the physiques that are displayed; its sadly not. People are being sold snake oil with the majority of these worthless supplements that are being peddled by these fitness models claiming that they are natural, they aren’t. They are using the money you are spending on their supplements and are turning around purchasing drugs for their gains.

Here’s a useful chart for knowing how big you can get naturally.

Feb 12, 2015
by cantbecool at 12:50AM

There is a lot of truth to this image. I’ve made it a rule the past few months when ever I go out with someone in public, that our phones can wait. If they aren’t willing to wait to check their phones, I’ll lose their number. It’s surreal that people are willing to stare more at their phones than try to engage into an actual conversation with someone, even if it’s someone I’ve known for over a decade or someone I consider a good friend.

I think as a society as a whole is becoming too dependent on technology, and forgetting what it is to actually be human. ‘Likes’ ≠ human interaction. People fail to understand that your 500+ friends on FB do not count as actual friends Dunbar’s Number suggests this.

In the next decade, I can envision a swing back in society where people are going to deliberately avoid using advanced technology in their daily lives … (continued)

Feb 10, 2015
by cantbecool at 08:22PM

Is it normal to feel bad when they kicked Spot and it staggered to regain its balance?

Feb 03, 2015
by cantbecool at 02:46PM

It has been 48 hours and the media is still covering SuperBowl 49’s halftime show. What I don’t understand is how they can not see how the half-time show has been reduced to soul-less pop music designed for mass market consumerism. I still get chills watching 2002’s halftime show, that was dedicated to the 9/11 victims.

May 06, 2014
by cantbecool at 02:08AM

I have been on the fence for a while now if college is worth the financial investment. The average cost of tuition for a public in state university is a little under $9k and a private university costs a whooping $30k in 2014 (both exclude the costs associated with room and board); I’ve realized college is not about knowledge anymore, it’s mostly about that piece of paper. Maybe for a few so called elite universities, where if you graduate in the top 25% (I’m looking at you MIT & CalTech) you’re going to have recruiters beating down your doors if you were a STEM major with opportunities to obtain financially lucrative positions.

I have found out during my first few years having a 9-5 that employers do not want to hire non-college graduates regardless if they are clearly more adept at the task compared to college graduates. Most human resource departments will simply disregard your resume if you don’t have a college degree on your CV. It’s baffling how dismissive that … (continued)