May 06, 2014
by cantbecool at 02:08AM

I have been on the fence for a while now if college is worth the financial investment. The average cost of tuition for a public in state university is a little under $9k and a private university costs a whooping $30k in 2014 (both exclude the costs associated with room and board); I’ve realized college is not about knowledge anymore, it’s mostly about that piece of paper. Maybe for a few so called elite universities, where if you graduate in the top 25% (I’m looking at you MIT & CalTech) you’re going to have recruiters beating down your doors if you were a STEM major with opportunities to obtain financially lucrative positions.

I have found out during my first few years having a 9-5 that employers do not want to hire non-college graduates regardless if they are clearly more adept at the task compared to college graduates. Most human resource departments will simply disregard your resume if you don’t have a college degree on your CV. It’s baffling how dismissive that … (continued)

Apr 28, 2014
by cantbecool at 07:08PM

It is amazing how people/organizations are willing to take action against a person’s financial well being by filing a complaint to the company they, the person they have an issue with, work for. I am starting to see a trend of this type of behavior getting national attention.

The first story that I can recall is Mozilla Ex CEO Brendan Eich. He sparked controversy due to donating $1,000 to California’s Proposition 8, which sought to make same-sex marriage unconstitutional, back in 2008. Only after he was appointed CEO of Mozilla, the makers of Firefox and other open source software, these allegations were then brought to light. The ‘Gay Mafia’ brought this to the attention of the main stream media, blogosphere, and even a web based company, OKCupid. OKCupid went even as far to notify its users to stop surfing with Mozilla Firefox if they were using Firefox software. After all the media backlash Brendan had to step down from his position. Surprise surprise.

Second, … (continued)

Apr 02, 2014
by cantbecool at 02:22AM

I Still Have A Soul – from Primal NY

It’s wonderful how a short film can tell a beautiful story. It shows a man down on his luck by circumstance, or by a few poor decisions, and overcoming the obstacles of poverty and doing what ever it takes to obtain his dream of becoming a professional boxer. In a little over two minutes it illustrates that he’s homeless sleeping under an overpass, carries around his tin of change every where he goes, steals a bar of soap from a bodega to wash his clothes and himself, gets judged during his commutes due to his disheveled appearance, works as a day laborer, pawns his gold cross, donates his blood plasma, gets into street fights, all to pay for his afterhours boxing training with his compassionate coach.

It puts into perspective how generally unappreciative of the blessings in my life. I’m typing this on a state of the art laptop next to a mobile phone, which both cost me e … (continued)

Mar 31, 2014
by cantbecool at 04:57AM

“he who says he can and he says he can’t are usually right.” truer words were never spoken

Mar 29, 2014
by cantbecool at 02:49AM

Who knew $20 would make such a profound impact. I had to make a post after seeing a late night rerun of the CBS evening news. I haven’t seen something as touching as this in a long time.